Former Villa Maggie is now a Villas Complex!

Starting from 2021, 2 villas on Paros as well as 3 apartments joined Villa Maggie to make up a Villas Complex. The current properties are now part of a cozy villas and apartment complex with properties, all just 100m from the nearest beach. The villas can accommodate from 1 to 5 people are are perfect for family or friends’ vacations. The apartments can accomodate up to 2 people.

Villa Maggie: from the first 2 Villas in Voutakos to a cozy Villas Complex.

Villa Grape and Villa Flower were built in 1939 from Papou Iorgos & Yiayia Efthalia (Papou & YiaYia are the Greek names for Gradma & Grandpa) and they were used as a farmer house. The current Villa Grape was the family house, while Flower Villa was used to keep the animals.

Villa Maggie was the first house of the area! Papou Iorgos was the the only farmer and fisher active there, he used to plant a vineyard and make wine to sell. In the old wood oven of Grape Villa Yiayia Efthalia cooked delicious meals for his beloved husband and their 4 kids: one of this kid is the father of Maggie, who together with his husband George, is now the owner and host of Villa Maggie.

Both villas were renovated in 2012 to become the elegant apartments that welcome happy guests every year.

Villa Grape and Villa Flower are equipped with all comforts and furnished with style: they can accommodate up to 5 people each and are perfect for family and friends vacations.

Ilios Apartments (Blue Ilios, Green Ilios Apartment and Grey Ilios Rooftop Apartment) are located in the center of Aliki; 3 beautiful mini apartments are perfect for 1 to 2 persons.

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